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About the work:

I imagine what Software would say to us, if it would have a consciousness. Which intimacy could be felt, when our machines would show that their knowledge is limited and their vision flawed. This is a work that lives online and thinks about this as a place. These days I am forced to sit in front of my computer and I feel disconnected from my usual environment. This is a way to think about the actual connections my device is making and speak from the point of the software, that is always bound to the physical location of your networked sphere.


Thanks to my extraordinary Professors:
Sarah Grant and Rosa Menkman

a piece of new media class kassel

Coding Guidance: Jonas Wedemayer
Text Editing and Support: Helen Stefanie und Max Schild

inspired by the thoughts and works of:
Cornelia Sollfrank, Goda Klumbyte, Signe Piece and Judy Wacjman

Tools used:
AI: Runway ML - Text to Image Generator

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